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Bold and Simple Brand Guidelines Canva Template // Horizontal Layout

Bold and Simple Brand Guidelines Canva Template // Horizontal Layout

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This design template serves as a guide in developing brand guidelines for companies. If you have clients or a company yourself that you need to create design guidelines for, you can use this template as a starting point. All elements are customizable in Canva. You can replace images, and text, change fonts and alter element colors. Some images featured may be part of the Canva Pro tier, but because this is meant for you to customize, you can easily replace them with images you upload or those that are part of the Free tier.

The template consists of 30 pages, including the front and back cover and table of contents. Purchasing will give you access to a PDF featuring the template link as well as a PDF of the designed template for reference.

This brand guide template contains placeholders for the following sections:
• Understanding Brand Guidelines
• Company Milestones
• Mission Statement
• Brand Promise
• Brand Essence
• Boilerplate
• Brand Commitment
• Brand Slogan
• Customer/Client Profile
• Social Media Strategy
• Logo Elements
• Color Palette
• Logo Usage and Clear Space
• Minimum Logo Sizing
• Brand Color Options
• Brand Placement on Backgrounds
• Incorrect Usage of Brand
• Typefaces
• Contact Information

The document contains pages sized 11 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall.
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